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ski auli basic level course 2025Best of All "Auli Basic Skiing Course"

Pre Basic Level Skiing Course 2024 in Auli


Click Here for Basic Level Course 14 Days Certify Course - Booking Opened for 2025 Season Limited Seat

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Auli Winter Ski Slopes Snowbeater Auli Snow Ski Slopes
 AULI, the place is almost like heaven on earth, and most visitors to the place would agree with this fact. Situated high up on the Garhwal Hills, Auli is a must visit destination if skiing is your passion.

Know more about us ::-->

1. We have our own Ski Resort and Hostel with all modern faclities , attached toilet, room heater and fresh hot meals at Lower Auli / Upper Auli.

2. Born and Raised in Auli, so no one know better then us about Auli ski slopes , trainning etc...

3. As 95% are local instructor at Auli, but we have selected best ski instructor who will trained you in different way so you can easily run on ski slopes in just 2 or 3 days.

4. Quality of stay and meals are the best which keep you more comfort and fit.

5. Our ski equipments are latest with saftey we have our own sk shop at Lower Auli where we have 500 ski equipments and 100 snowboards and other ski adventure equipments and ski cloths etc..So we do not depend on others.

6. We have our own best handpick drivers and new brand small and large cab, so you are in safe hand while driving on hills with us.

7. Finally last but not least our trainning quality is one of the best and new, quick learn mathod which our instrcutor have been trained from europe same we give our traineers so the can learn quickly and full fill there dreams.

8. Our 14 days ski course Basicl level II and 28 days Advance level course is certificated course and is approved by Tourisum Department and Center Tourisum Department. No other in Auli is approved and are authorised to give certificate. We are leading Ski Touring company where 90% Ski Instructor are Locals male and female. So what you invest on your ski trip goest to local only.


Auli Ski Slopes Level ----> Ski trail difficulty is measured by percent slope, not degree angle. A 100% slope is a 45 degree angle. In general, beginner slopes (green circle) are between 6% and 25%. Intermediate slopes (blue square) are between 25% and 40%. Difficult slopes (black diamond) are 40% and up. However, this is just a general "rule of thumb." Although slope gradient is the primary consideration in assigning a trail difficulty rating, other factors come into play. A trail will be rated by its most difficult part, even if the rest of the trail is easy. Auli almost full fill the perfect slopes of 45 degree as well recing ski clopes approved by FIS commity.

Auli Ski Course Winter Packages


Why to choose us for your ski trainning ?

1. Best Equipments Ski & Snowboard

2. Experiences Coaches and Instructor

3. Level of Comfort Stay and Training section

4. Pure fresh veg meals

5. Latest Ski Techeniques

6. Seperate Ski Instructor for Females on Demand

7. We focus only in Ski, our own base at Auli and Lower Auli

8. Giving State many National and International Skiers and Snwobarders.

9. Sponser are K2 Ski & Snowboard Company & Di 5 Adventure

10. Our own Ski Store At Lower Auli


You Should Bring your KIDS for SKIING

Kids are more natural skiers than most adults starting out, and they tend to pick it up more quickly. But it's important to keep kids of all ages on appropriate terrain for their skills. Learning to ski is all about controlling speed; if they're able to slow down and stop -- by themselves -- whenever they need to, they're on the right slope. 

Auli snowfall in winter for skiing course


Our Dream Ski Course Auli 2025


Dream Program of Auli Ski Camp

Deceber @ 20 / 25 / 30 - Depend on Snow Conditions





















Whether you are a first day beginner or an experienced rider looking to develop your skills, We will 100% meet your requirements.

No matter what you are learning you need clear instruction and feedback, encouragement, support and a sense of fun always comes in handy too. Our instructors match these requirements perfectly and will help you avoid common pitfalls and progress at a speed that you hoped for but didn’t really think possible.
Beginners will quickly find themselves turning and with the support of your instructor the inevitable number of falls (we’re not going to lie) will reduce and your enjoyment levels increase.


auli ropeway ride auli ropeway for skiing


Our Best 6 Days Ski Course Program :---->

Day 1 :: Arrive to Auli. Welcome and check inn. Welcome drink and later  Dinner

Day 2 ::  Morning Tea and then breakfast later meet key Ski & Snow Board School representatives and trainers. Today we’ll also hold gear information sessions and there’ll be an opportunity to select the ski/snowboard colors and shoes.  Later move to Ski Slopes Auli and will be a full half day on the snow including a short lesson to stand and balance with ski/snowboard and a chance to get your legs back into action. Back to Ski School and Lunch and Dinner.

Day 3 to 5 :: Your first training days will be focused around developing your personal Ski/Snowboard skills. You’ll learn about Stance and Balance and get an introduction to the Core Competencies. Training will cover level 1-3 teaching progressions. On Day 4 and 5 You will learn about rotation, edging and cover Core Competencies in more detail. One Indoor sessions will include ‘Leadership Training’ and the ‘Forces in Skiing/Snowboarding’. By the end of this training block you have an understanding of the fundamental skills and the level 1 course standards. On 5 days off there’ll be an opportunity to practice and free style Skiing/Snowboarding at Auli Skiing Slopes.  Breakfast / Lunch and Dinner will be at Ski and Snowboard Auli.

Day 6 - Brekafast and Check out.


Above Ski Course Cost ::--> Above Ski Course Cost ::--> (INR 20000 per head Students / Children) Bunk Beds


Standard @ Auli to Auli 25000 (Triple Sharing) & Haridwar to Haridwar / Dehradun to Dehradun 30000

Deluxe Ski Course 6 Days cost ::--> Auli to Auli @ 30000 (TS) per head & Haridwar to Haridwar / Dehradun to Dehradun 35000 per head

Luxury Ski Course 6 Days cost ::--> Auli to Auli @ 49000 (TS) per head & Haridwar to Haridwar / Dehradun to Dehradun 57000 per head


auliFor Stay/Accommodation during the course please click the link Standard/Deluxe/Luxury Accommodation details.


Why  Auli Ski Schol ?

First experiences beginner/intermediate Private ski school  recognized  by UTDP and affliated school by SNSAU.  Only ski school with backup  infrastructure in Auli. Expert ski instructor with best experience over last 15 years. Instructor bassed out of Auli to ensire seamless and hassle free experience.


Cost Include ::-->

1, All veg meals from Day 1 Dinner till Last day Breakfast.

2. Skiing equipments and Skiing Boots, poles etc...

3. Best safe and secure Skiing Instructor

4. Transport from X Haridwar depending on course booking

5. Neat and Clean Rooms Triple Sharing bases- Double sharing at extra charges

6. Seperate Female ski Instructor for females

7. Helmet are compolsery

8. Latest Tecniq that will help you to quick learn

9. Saftey record of 20 years only in Ski Adventure Club

10. We are local based in Auli and no one know better then us.

Not Include ::-->

1. Insurance

2. Mineral water

3. Personal skiing cloths

4. Snacks/Phone calls etc...

5. Single sharing rooms are possible on request

6. Cable car ride


We will provide chair car only for those skiers who are able to Come through Slopes Course I.


Auli Ski Camp 2024


7 Days Ski Course Auli







Above Ski Course Cost ::-->

Standard Ski Course 7 Days Cost ::--> Auli to Auli @ 35000 per head & 40000 per head Haridwar to Haridwar

Deluxe Ski Course 7 Days cost ::--> Auli to Auli @ 40000 per head & Haridwar to Haridwar 48000 per head

Luxury Ski Course 7 Days cost ::--> Auli to Auli @ 60000 per head & Haridwar to Haridwar 70000 per head



Cost Include ::-->
1, All veg meals from Day 1 Dinner till Last day Breakfast.
2. Skiing equipment’s and Skiing Boots, poles etc...
3. Best safe and secure Skiing Instructor
4. Transport from X Haridwar depending on course booking
5. Neat and Clean Rooms with Room heater on Double / Triple Sharing bases - Double sharing at extra charges
6. Separate Female ski Instructor for females
7. Helmet are compulsory
8. Latest Technique that will help you to quick learn
9. Safety record of 20 years only in Ski Adventure Club
10. We are local based in Auli and no one know better than us.


Not Include ::-->
1. Insurance
2. Mineral water
3. Personal skiing cloths
4. Snacks/Phone calls etc...
5. Single sharing rooms are possible on request
6. Cable car ride




Other Skiing Course Available -->


Click Here for Basic Level Course 14 Days Certify Course - Booking Opened for 2025 Season Limited Seat Ski Training Camp Level I Auli Budget Ski Course Just 20000 5night 6days (offer till October end) Click Here for Interoductory ski camp 7 days Non Certify Course - Booking Opened for 2025 Season Limited Seat


Level 1

These courses are for intermediate to advanced recreational skiers with several years experience Typically, a Level 1 skier feels stuck on a learning plateau, wanting to make progress, but doesn't know how to. Most important is a willingness to try out new ideas. The MINIMUM standard is to be able to ski using open parallels.


Season Refresher

A combined Level 2 and Advanced ski course, running in early January Great for remembering what you should be doing for the rest of the season.

Level 2 and Advanced
Usually, you will have already attended a Level 1 ski course. Again, please enquire if you feel you could join Level 2 or above without having done Level 1.

Level 2 aims to develop technique for a wider variety of skiing situations and to apply them whilst also building up mileage on skis. We  introduce skiing whenever conditions allow.Advanced ski courses aim to refine technique further for more difficult terrain and conditions, including the development of mountain awareness and avalanche transceiver training.


Private Ski Lessons

Private ski lessons really do offer the ultimate in flexibility. Enjoy the undivided attention of your own private ski instructor and let us help you make the most from your skiing holiday.


Kids Ski Lessons – Super 4 to 8 ages

We have added an exciting range of children’s ski lessons to our programme for 2017. Small group sizes, enthusiastic instructors and an interactive approach to learning guarantees that everybody has fun.


Friends & Family Groups

A favourite format with groups of family and friends who are looking for the exclusivity and convenience of a private instructor but the camaraderie of group lessons. Pay for the instructor and not per person.


Auli Skiing Course

What does a typical day involve?

08:00 Breakfast
08:45 Put ski’s on
09:00 Lesson begins
12:30 Rest
13:00 SKI

14:30 Lunch & Explore the area
15:00 Meet up with friends
16:30 Explore the area
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Head out to sleep


When is the best time to go for skiing?

Obviously snowfall start from end of December and January meaning fresh powder snow (soft and fluffy) but often grey and cold days, February offers blue skies but the weather is often super cold and freezed. March is a bit of a gamble - the snow melt fast. So best time is Mid January till Early March.


What do I need to pack?

Get your own a waterproof jacket and trousers plus are willing to buy some thermal tops and bottoms, a fleece, some gloves and sunglasses, you will be fine! But ask around,

Auli Ski 2024


Tips for Turining your Skies on gentle ski slopes ::--> Note down this it will help you to learn as quick base method.

Proper turning is the most important skill for beginning skiers to learn. Turning not only sends you in the direction you want to go, it also controls your speed. And controlling speed is what learning to ski is all about. Most new skiers start by making turns in a snow plow, or gliding wedge. This works well on very gentle slopes with flat surfaces. But to advance to steeper terrain and, eventually, moguls, you must learn proper turning, which is much more effective at controlling speed than the wedge turn.



Proper turns are traditionally called parallel turns because your skis are parallel to each other at the end of each turn. This is the ideal position for edging, the basic action of scraping the edges of your skis against the snow. Edging is what slows you down. The more your skis are perpendicular to the slope the more they edge, and the more they control your speed.
A good way to get the feel of edging with parallel turns is to practice making "hockey stops." Make a sharp turn to the right or left (whichever is more comfortable), bring your skis parallel to each other (they don't have to touch, and actually shouldn't touch when you're turning) and edge them hard into the snow until you come to a complete stop. This is similar to the action at the end of each turn, except instead of stopping you keep some momentum to pop into the next turn. Hockey stops are good practice because you have to commit to bringing your skis parallel to each other; this can be a challenging transition from making a wedge, which is the opposite of the parallel position.
But once you get the feel you'll realize why parallel works so much better.


To turn to the left, slightly drop your right shoulder toward the tip of your right ski, while increasing the pressure of your right ski boot on your right ski. Hold that position as you are moving down, and your skis will gently round out a turn to the left.
To turn to the right, gently drop the left shoulder toward the tip of the left ski, increasing the pressure on the left ski and your skis will turn to the right.
This may seem counterintuitive -- that you learn toward your right ski to make a left turn, and vice versa -- but try the technique at home, without your skis on, and it will make more sense. Another thing to keep in mind is that most of your weight (and consequently the majority of the edging) is on the downhill ski, the ski that's lower on the slope as you complete the turn. When you make a left turn, the right ski is the downhill ski. With a right turn, the left ski is the downhill ski. 


Children learning to ski typically don't use poles until they've mastered basic turning technique, but adults often use them sooner. If you're using poles when learning to turn, it's important not to let them hinder your progress. Poles are primarily used to help you maintain rhythm; they are not used for balance or support. You absolutely do not need poles to make a turn. One way to use poles effectively is to initiate each turn with a firm pole plant, stabbing one pole into the snow just as you begin a turn. If you're making a left turn, plant the left pole, then begin shifting your weight toward your right ski.
At the end of the left turn, plant the right pole and shift your weight to the left ski to make a right turn. 


Note: 1.The 50% payment of course fees are non refundable, If any program will be cancelled due to Natural  Calamity / Government Restriction / Lack of Snow or any other reasons , we can shift the course to another dates or next year.

2. Please note that in rare cases when we are unable to experience snowfall or accumulate sufficient snow to operate snow skiing activities on the ski slopes, we will arrange  trekking or alternative activities for the same duration in the same region.